Instructor: Abby Franquemont
Workshop Fee: $99, includes materials
Time Slot: 2:30pm-4pm

Registration: Please register at Abby's website

Admit it: there has been at least one time in your life you’ve been stranded somewhere without your spinning or knitting or what have you… and you started looking around in desperation for some sort of fiber project. I know you have, because there’s no way I’m the only one. Learn from my experiences in getting caught out without a project while I show you how to make spindles from found objects, what kinds of emergency fiber sources may exist, and some little-known techniques for making yarn in astoundingly low-tech ways. You’ll be like “Hold my beer and watch this!” at the spinning parties when we’re done, and the dryer lint may never look the same… and you’ll know what you really can’t leave the house without.