Consistency without Treadles

Instructor: Abby Franquemont
Workshop Fee: $129, includes materials
Time Slot: 9am-12pm

There's a lot of great information out there about how to spin consistent yarn by paying close attention to the mechanical setup of your spinning wheel and how you work with it (say, by counting treadles while you spin). But what if you're looking for consistency, and you're working with a spindle or an e-spinner? Those well-documented techniques won't work for you. Does that mean nobody spun consistently before treadled wheels? Nope -- humans have been doing so for over 30,000 years. So that's where this class comes in. We'll talk about what consistency means, and how you can achieve it using techniques that are independent of the equipment you're using to make yarn. We'll also cover some common ways of measuring and describing yarn, and go through some exercises aimed at maintaining consistency over the course of spinning for a large project, a project that takes a long time to spin, or a project you want to spin on more than one piece of equipment. 

PREREQUISITES: You should be able to spin already, and have produced at least 3 spindles, bobbins, or skeins of yarn before taking this class. You should probably also have an interest in making yarn that is consistent across an entire batch.

YOU SHOULD BRING: Note-taking materials, whatever you'd like to spin on, and if you already have one handy, an example of a yarn you've spun where you're not satisfied with how consistent it is (or isn't).