Self Striping Yarn: Gradient vs. Fractal

Instructor: Abby Franquemont
Workshop Fee: $69, includes materials
Time Slot: 2pm-3pm

You may have heard people throw these words around when discussing ways that yarn can produce color changes in a finished textile, without having to actually change yarn. But what do they really mean? Which one do you want, when? What do you need to have, or shop for, in order to produce these kinds of yarns? This one-hour quickie session will introduce you to two major kinds of self-striping yarn: the gradient, where colors shift gradually over the entire piece, and the fractal, where we get to debate what "fractal" even means while we make yarn whose color changes follow a pattern that shifts as the yarn grows longer.

PREREQUISITES: You should be able to spin enough to have made a skein of yarn; not for the absolute beginner who has never spun before, but if you've only been at this for a week or two and you've made some yarn, you'll be able to hang. If you're an experienced spinner, but you'd like to geek out on color stuff, this is also a good fit for you.

YOU SHOULD BRING: Wheel, spindle, e-spinner, or other apparatus you like to use to produce yarn.